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Prime Minister Barzani visits manufacturers of agricultural products

Prime Minister Barzani visits manufacturers of agricultural products

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, visited the Ziraraty region in Erbil on May 27, where he met with local farmers, inquired about their situation, and actively participated in the harvesting of grain.

During a meeting with farmers, the Prime Minister emphasized the Kurdistan Regional Government’s commitment to prioritizing the agricultural sector and effectively marketing the produce of the region’s farmers. He expressed his concern about farmers being unable to sell their produce and assured them that steps will be taken to address this issue.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister strongly condemned the recent amendments made to the federal budget draft law, deeming them dishonest, oppressive, and part of a conspiracy against the Kurdistan Region orchestrated by a group of lawmakers in the Iraqi parliament. He asserted that the KRG would vigorously oppose these conspiracies and prevent their occurrence.

Barzani pointed out that, unfortunately, a few elected lawmakers who are meant to represent the region have collaborated in this conspiracy and are now celebrating the restriction of the Kurdistan Region’s authority. Nonetheless, the Prime Minister emphasized that the KRG will overcome these dissenting voices and continue to protect the region’s interests.

On May 30 Prime Minister Barzani inaugurated the Zom dairy factory in Zhazhok village of Mergasur district. The Prime Minister also inspected the factory’s departments. The factory consists of two main parts, namely the Zom factory for dairy products and the collection center for livestock and farmers. Currently, 12 stations have been completed, eight new stations are under implementation, and more stations will be added in the future according to the needs of the factory.

In his speech, the Prime Minister stressed that the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to develop the agricultural sector, support farmers and work to ensure water and food security.

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