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Inauguration of eighth cabinet

Inauguration of eighth cabinet

The eighth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government was sworn into office on 18 June 2014.
The new government is a broad coalition consisting of all parties represented in parliament. As such, it reflects the inclusion of all political, ethnic, and religious groups in the governance of the Kurdistan Region.

The new government announced that one of its priorities will be to maintain security and stability in the Kurdistan Region. Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani stressed the importance of the rule of law in order to create viable state institutions which function independently from party interests, and to offer equal opportunities for all residents of the Kurdistan Region.

The government will further expand the provision of basic services such as water, electricity, and roads. The government is dedicated to decreasing the gap in living standards between rural and urban areas and modernizing the health system. The eighth cabinet is also committed to achieve continuous economic growth by diversifying sources of income and encouraging the private sector.

The cabinet consists of the following ministries and departments:

Prime Minister: Nechirvan Idris Barzani (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
Deputy Prime Minister: Qubad Jalal Talabani (Patriotic Union Kurdistan)

Ministry of:

  • Agriculture and Water Resources: Abdulstar Majeed (Komal)
  • Culture and Youth: Khalid Doski (Patriotic Union Kurdistan)
  • Education: Pishtiwan Sadiq (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
  • Electricity: Salahaddin Babakir (Islamic Union Kurdistan)
  • Endowment & Religious Affairs: Kamal Muslim (Gorran)
  • Finance & the Economy: Rebaz Mohammad (Gorran)
  • Health: Rekawt Hama Rasheed (Patriotic Union Kurdistan)
  • Higher Education & Scientific Research: Yousif Mohammad (Patriotic Union Kurdistan)
  • Housing and Reconstruction: Darbaz Kosrat Rasul (Patriotic Union Kurdistan)
  • Justice: Sinan Abdulkhaliq Chalabi (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
  • Interior: Abdulkarim Sultan Sinjari (Karim Sinjari) (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
  • Labour and Social Affairs: Mohammad Qadir (Gorran)
  • Martyrs and Anfal Affairs: Mahmoud Haji Salih (Patriotic Union Kurdistan)
  • Municipalities and Tourism Newroz: Mawlood Amin (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
  • Natural Resources: Abdullah Abdulrahman Abdullah (Ashti Hawrami) (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
  • Peshmerga Affairs: Mustafa Sayid Qadir (Gorran)
  • Planning: Ali Sindi (Democratic Party Kurdistan)
  • Trade and Industry: Samal Sardar (Gorran)
  • Transport and Communications: Jonson Siyawash (minorities)
  • State –Secretariat for Parliamentary Relations: Maqloud Murad (Islamic Union Kurdistan)
  • State –Secretariat for environment: Abdulrahman Abdulrahim (Komal)


Further posts with ministerial rank:

Chief of Staff, Kurdistan Region Presidency: Fuad Hussein
President, Divan of the Council of Ministers: Nechirvan Ahmed
Secretary of the Council of Ministers: Mohammad Qaradaghi
Department of Media & Information / Govt Spokesperson: Safeen Muhsin Dizayee
Department of Foreign Relations: Falah Mustafa Bakir