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High Delegation of Iraqi Interior Ministry visits Erbil

High Delegation of Iraqi Interior Ministry visits Erbil

KRG Prime Minister Masrour Barzani received a delegation from Baghdad headed by Iraqi Interior Minister, Yassin al-Yasiri.

The KRG Prime Minister stressed the importance of the positive atmosphere that the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi federal government are enjoying at the moment. Both sides pointed out the good understanding between the KRG Interior Ministry and the Iraqi Interior Ministry, stressing that the remaining outstanding issues will be solved peacefully in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution.

A focus of the discussion was also the issue of entry cards to enter the Kurdistan Region, which also affects Iraqi tourists. Prime Minister Barzani explained that this was a security measure that did not rest on nationality criteria; rather, it was imposed on all tourists coming from outside the Region. He agreed to lift fees for tourists coming from central and southern Iraq.


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