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Humanitarian Updates in the Kurdistan Region

Humanitarian Updates in the Kurdistan Region

In this article you find constantly updated statements as well as information regadring the current humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region.

  • 2018 07 19: JCC and NCCI hold the quarterly coordination meeting with the International NGOs in the Kurdistan Region.

                  Read the full JCC report about the meeting here 

  • 2018 07 04: JCC hosts regular Humanitarian Coordination Forum to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region. The meeting focused on the current capacity and preparedness on all sectors and the coordination challenges.

                   Read the full JCC report here 

  • 2018 05 23: Flood in the Sinjar Region leaves hundred of families strained. The humanitarian situation in Iraq is becoming a protracted displacement scenario that could remain unresolved for years. But it comes at a time when urgently needed humanitarian assistance in the country is threatened by a severe lack of funding.

                  Read the full UNOCHA report here

  • 2018 04 26: The KRG’s Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) appeals to the United Nations and international agencies to assist in helping Syrian refugees and other displaced people who reside in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

                  Read the full article here

  • 2018 04 19: Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, met with Head of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iraq, Mr. Bruno Guido in Erbil. Both sides discussed the current situation of refugees, the support of the United Nations and the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections.

                  Read the full article here

  • 2018 03 13: UNOCHA monthly Update: Humanitarian situation in Iraq in the month of February (available in English, Arabic and Kurdish)

                  Humanitarian Bulletin Iraq (March) 

                  Humanitarian Bulletin Iraq (February)

  • 2018 03 13: United Nations welcomes the decision to reopen Kurdistan Region Airports to International Flights

                  Read the UN statement here                      UNAMI reports

  • 2018 01 01: Report regarding the detailled consequences of the flight ban in the Kurdistan Region.

                  Read the full statement here