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Iraqi Parliamentary Elections: Required Documents

Iraqi Parliamentary Elections: Required Documents

The following requirements have to be fulfilled and documents to be brought along in order to be able to cast a vote for the Iraqi parliamentary elections from the 27-28 April 2014 from 9am to 7pm in Austria .

The head of the electoral commission IHEC has determined, which documents are required in order to vote abroad.

The main document to bring to the election must be one of the following:
a) Iraqi passport
b) Iraqi security identity card
c) Iraqi proof of citizenship
d) Iraqi identity card 1957 with a valid photo
e) Iraqi birth certificate with a valid photo
f) Iraqi electronic voting card

The secondary document, which should be brought along with the main document can be also an Austrian document:
I. Driving License
II. Food card
III. Residence registration form is approved, if it is presented by the main claimant

Foreign documents can be:
• UNHCR asylum card
• Red Cross documents
• Driving license
• Residence permit
• Foreign passport
• Birth certificate, which is confirmed by the Iraqi embassy in the residence country of the voter
• School or university degree, which is confirmed by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Refugee documents

From the document it has to be obvious in which city the document was issued. This is important because the vote can be only cast for that city.

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