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Meeting of Kurdistan Region Presidencies with Iraq’s President

Meeting of Kurdistan Region Presidencies with Iraq’s President

The Kurdistan Region President, Nechirvan Barzani, the Prime Minister, Masrour Barzani, and the Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament, Dr. Rewas Faiq, had a meeting with Iraq’s President, Barham Salih, at the office of the Kurdistan Region President in Erbil.

The meeting covered the latest developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and addressed the ongoing economic, security and health-related hardships that have gripped Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. The meeting reiterated the support of the Kurdistan Region for the steps taken by the Federal Government and its relevant institutions to preserve security and stability in the country; particularly providing secure and stable conditions for diplomatic missions and embassies working in Iraq.

Discussions also shed light on the situation of the disputed territories, the implementation of the article 140 of the constitution, the upcoming early elections in Iraq and expressed support for relevant preparations to hold free and fair elections in the country. The meeting expressed support for the ongoing negotiations between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Region on the disputed territories in order to find solutions that safeguard the rights of all citizens and secure a peaceful environment for all communities to coexist in these areas.

All participants reiterated their support for the recent agreement on the status of Shingal (Sinjar) between the Federal Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government including the return of the internally displaced. They voiced their rejection to any effort aiming at changing the demography of the disputed territories and urged that the Federal Government of Iraq provide mechanisms for upholding peace and security in these areas.


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