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Winterization Needs for Displaced People

Winterization Needs for Displaced People

More than one million IDPs and refugees currently live in the Kurdistan Region, only 64,554 families (30%) are living in 39 camps (22 camps in Duhok, 11 camps in Erbil and 6 camps in Slemani) and 70% are living with host communities in formal and informal settlements in Erbil, Duhok and Slemani governorates. More than half of the displaced population are women, children and elderly. As such, they need special care and attention, particularly during the winter season, as temperatures sink dramatically in many areas of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Most of the displaced people are not able to care for their family winter needs as they have no source of income and they are highly dependent on the assistance they are provided with. The situation is particularly alarming in light of the new wave of refugees stemming from the crisis in northeastern Syria.

The Kurdistan Regional Government committs itself to the protection of the most vulnerable and calls for help from the international community in assisting IDPs and refugees in order to provide them with appropriate equipment for the winter season.

For a more detailed report, please refer to the document composed by the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre here.


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