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PM Barzani announces the launch of innovation house

PM Barzani announces the launch of innovation house

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani attended the launch ceremony of Kurdistan Innovation House (KII) on November 14, designed to support innovators and researchers. The KII was founded at the initiative of Prime Minister Barzani, who continues to support Kurdistani youth in the pursuit of their hopes and ideas.

“Today is a milestone in our collective growth; as we unveil a center that will be integral to the development of our youth and economy. The institute that we are launching will be a place that gives life to ideas, where creativity is enhanced, where knowledge is distilled, and innovation rewarded,” said the Prime Minister.

Fostering innovation in the Kurdistan region, KII is an institution that provides training, professional networks, financing and expertise in entrepreneurship, business planning, and operational management in the Kurdistan Region. KII will be an “epicenter of what I have long aspired for Kurdistan – a Knowledge Nation. A place where the best endeavors of our brightest people will be given the space and resources to prosper,” noted Prime Minister Barzani. The new innovation house is “tailored specifically to our youth, providing the equipment and financing necessary to pursue their ideas,” said the Prime Minister, a place where “anyone who dares to innovate, who wants to devote their time to research and entrepreneurship and the development of technology” will be welcomed.

Prime Minister Barzani addressed the talents of the Kurdish youth in the Kurdistan Region and abroad. “They’ve strengthened my resolve and influenced policies in my government,” he said while speaking of the projects they have started and the initiatives they made.

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